Youghal Little Theatre proudly presents”The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley”

Youghal Little Theatre proudly presents”The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley”

Youghal Little Theatre is delighted to present: “The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley” in The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal. The play will run from Wednesday 21st Saturday to 24th June. Curtain up at 8.00 pm sharp each evening.

It tells the story of the hapless Gabriel’s search for love and his adventure along the way.  Gabriel Foley is a middle-aged bachelor farmer, who lives with his elderly mother.  He has been unlucky in love many times, much to his mother’s frustration.  She thinks she will never get rid of him.  Them he meets upmarket, Hazel Myers and joins the posh drama group in the nearby town in order to romance her.

He is unaware that Chrissie McCabe – a cheerful countrywoman, who comes in to help him and his mother – fancies him.  By the time Chrissie makes her feelings known to Gabriel, he has already got Hazel’s attention.  He and Chrissie decide to try going out together.  He tries to let Hazel down gently, but Hazel in not a woman to give up easily.

“The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley” is set in modern Ireland and is written by award winning Irish playwright Jimmy Keary.  The play is directed by Helena Sloane.

Tickets are €12 and can be purchased at Cree’s Card Shop or at the door.

‘The Beauty of Song’ at St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal.

‘The Beauty of Song’ at St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal.

Yew Wood Venues is honoured to welcome renowned Soprano Mary Culloty O’Sullivan to St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal on Wednesday 12th July. Mary’s recital ‘The Beauty of Song’ will commence at 8 pm.  Tickets at just €10.00 are available online at or telephone 087 9593276.  Tickets will also be available at the door on the night.

Mary Culloty O’Sullivan’s recital ‘The Beauty of Song’ is a delightful evening of Musical Highlights, Irish Ballads and Italian and French Aria.  Mary Culloty O’Sullivan is a Soprano based in Kerry.  She has studied and performed in the U.K. and Europe and also with Dr Veronica Dunne – Ireland’s premier vocal coach.  Mary has also performed as a Soloist in numerous concerts – Handel’s Messiah, Vivaldi Gloria and the Voice Masters, to name but a few. Her own recent production, A Celtic Soprano was very well received, with numerous standing ovations.  Her extensive repertoire includes: Romantic Love Songs, Ballads and Aria. Mary’s beautiful and soothing sound tends to mesmerize the audiences wherever she performs.







Summer Show – Harmony presents Weenie! in The Mall Arts Centre.

Summer Show – Harmony presents Weenie! in The Mall Arts Centre.

Weenie! at the Mall Arts Centre, Youghal from Friday 28th July to Wednesday 2nd August.
Tickets: adults €12 and children €10 are now available online at and
telephone bookings at 087 9593276.

After a highly successful pilot production, a brilliant new comedy will have its official premiere at the
Mall Arts Centre, Youghal, from Sunday 30th July to Wednesday 2nd August inclusive.  It is presented
by the multi – talented Harmony group and is their summer show for this year.  It would be a good
idea to book online at or at Cree’s Card Shop (024 93899). You can also pay at
the door.

As usual, with Harmony the emphasis will be on top quality entertainment at budget prices – Adult
€12.00. Children €10.00. It promises to be a fantastic night’s fun for all the family!

Weenie! Features gamblers, chancers, ‘bayturs’, lovers, teddy-boys and teeny-boppers, singers,
dancers – and a dead cat!

It is the story of the innocence and hidden strength of ordinary people at a head-spinning turning-
point for many – the sixties, when they first began to ask the question we’re still asking now: ‘What’s

But most of all, it is a hilarious and heart-warming love-story.  Then, as now, all anyone ever wanted
was a happy ending.  In Weenie! – in an explosive, hand-clapping, toe-tapping finale – we get it!

Weenie!, with original song, verse and parodies, is written by local man Finbar Hannon. Finbar is an
accomplished stage and musical director. In this capacity, he has many shows to his credit, including
‘The Communication Cord’, Many Young Men of Twenty’, ‘The Lonesome West’, ‘The Shadow of a
Gunman’, ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Annie’, ‘South Pacific’, ‘Some
enchanted Evening’, ‘My Fair lady’, and ‘Guys and Dolls’.

Weenie! Is set in Cork

Where else?!


Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra – 13 August

Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra – 13 August

Sun 13th August 2017        8.00pm         St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal


The Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra.


Tickets TBA

Whether in the Frisian Islands, the Norwegian Fjords, England, Spain, the villages and cities of Australia
and New Zealand or in the federal capital Berlin: The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne is at home all
over the world. Their goal: To make classical music accessible to as many people as possible from all

4 concertos for violin, strings and basso continuo RV 269
Anar Ibrahimov / Natalia Sergeeva | Violin
- Adagio cantabile -
Concerto in A Major for Clarinet and Orchestra KV 622
Allegro – Adagio – RONDO Allegro
Roman Kushniaru | Clarinette

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne was founded in 2003 in the city whose name they bear ¬- Cologne. A city that
is famous throughout the world for its musical and instrumental teaching. Here the Chamber Philharmonia continuously
draws on the talent emerging from the master classes of the professors Viktor Tretjakov, Maria Kliegel, Robert
Winn, Frans Helmerson, Zalhar Bron, Ralph Manno and others. In total, over 100 members have now performed in
the constantly changing ensemble that is the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne. The musicians are carefully selected
according to the strictest criteria to form numerous ensembles from the chamber to the symphony orchestra. Following
an intensive period of rehearsal, the orchestra heads off across the world on tour, entering into the realms of
musical adventure.

The real appeal of the programme lies in the meeting of popular and unknown works from a wide variety of musical epochs.
This sees familiar greats like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Vivaldi in dialogue with works from people
like Sergei Prokofieff through to the “King of Tango” Astor Piazzolla. This special mix guarantees diverse entertainment
of the highest order.



Youghal Designer Minds Summer Camp – August 2017

Youghal Designer Minds Summer Camp – August 2017

Mon – Fri, 14th – 18th  August   2017        4 hours daily     The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal


Youghal Designer Mind Summer Camp.


Cost €120 per child:  to register

Two Summer Camps: Junior  7 –  9 years and 10 – 13 years

You will not find a Summer camp experience like Designer Minds anywhere else in the country! It is not just a science camp, a technology camp, an engineering camp or a Lego camp! It is  everything combined, offering your primary aged children a true taste of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). All at a very competitive price for camps of this variety.

Each day children explore new topics and get hands on with projects, challenges and experiments which are designed to educate, entertain and inspire. Your kids will use a variety of equipment and materials such as Lego, tablets, robots, electronic prototyping kits, science kits, art materials and more.

The  junior camp groups are suitable for children aged 7 to 9, and our senior camp groups are for children aged 10 to 13. Camps for each age group run concurrently so siblings in different age groups can attend at the same time in the same location.
This camp group is a great opportunity for children aged 7 to 9 to become confident with Science, Design and Technology. Your child will get hands on with new projects, challenges and experiments every day and we will provide a large variety of materials, so they’ll never get bored. Check out our senior camp group if you want to register a child aged 10 to 13 years old.

Designer Minds camps are all about STEAM! Activities vary according to location as we rotate them each Summer, so that your child learns new things every year.

S is for Science. Children will participate in challenges, activities and design projects which will allow them to explore Biology, Physics and Chemistry in a fun and interactive manner.

T is for Technology. Children at all camps will produce a stop motion animation movie, as this is a firm favourite and a fantastic activity for easing into the week and making new friends. Depending on location children will also do technology topics such as augmented reality, coding, music technology, digital photo processing and more!

E is for Engineering. Kids will learn about the various types of engineers and complete engineering challenges using LEGO, knex, robots, electronics and more.

A is for art. Children will work on creative projects which will also be influenced by science, engineering and technology concepts.

M is for Maths. Kids will complete maths challenges using Minecraft, and play games which will help them understand what computer programming is and how it works.

When weather permits, children will spend a little time each day outdoors.



The Celtic Tenors at St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal – 5 August 2017

The Celtic Tenors at St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal – 5 August 2017

The Celtic Tenors – three tenors, one voice

See world renowned The Celtic Tenors perform at St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal on Saturday 5th August at 8.00 p.m.  


Tickets are  €25  and are available online at

Telephone bookings at 087 9593276

or through The Celtic Tenors website (

 The only tenor group with a truly global audience…whether playing a neighbourhood cathedral or major concert halls in international cities like New York, London or Shanghai, professional and most of all, good humoured performances are assured. They genuinely love what they do and you’ll see that shine through in each rendition of beautiful Celtic songs like the haunting Danny Boy and exhilarating classics like Nessum Dorma.

Matthew Gilsenan, James Nelson and Daryl Simpson offer more than beautiful voices and musical knowledge. Comfortable in all genres from classical and folk to Irish and pop, they bring their audience on a real musical voyage.  The Celtic Tenors continue to break new ground by stepping away from their classical roots, and adding a more contemporary edge. With this pioneering approach, they’ve welcomed a wider audience and fostered a fresh and invigorating style which has won them both critical acclaim and so many fans the world over.

From their No. 1 Chart Positions in Ireland & Germany, (and No. 2 in the UK , US and Australia) to their three platinum selling albums, their international reputation continues to grow. Across the Atlantic, they have achieved Top Ten spots in both US Billboard and Canadian Charts. Having given private performances to world leaders from Bill Clinton to Kofi Annan and many more in between, the Celtic Tenors are a real worldwide phenomenon. They’ve also shown a remarkable ability to capture the hearts of sports fans in international stadia from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Dublin and Glasgow at opening ceremonies and interval shows.

A wonderful occasion, not to be missed.



CADA – Performing Arts Academy

CADA – Performing Arts Academy

Jan 2017 Onwards  –  CADA performing Arts Academy Courses       -  Returns to The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal.

Cork’s Premier Stage School for all your Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre Classes

Founded by Catherine Mahon-Buckley twenty years ago, CADA Performing Arts is an acknowledged centre of excellence for Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre Studies.

Cada continues to provide classess for 2017 after a successful 2016 ! They offer a chance to discover your own strengths and weaknesess. We all have particular abilities in certain areas and success can only be achieved through self-awareness and by developing an individual artistry that is uniquely your own.

The Academy programmes are committed to your needs, an approach which is reflected in the dedication and expertise of our staff, a stimulating, creative ethos and the provision of a quality studio environment. Our aim is to enable our students to identify, develop and nurture their own skills, perfecting a professional attitude, an inner confidence, self-esteem and team skills with which our students can flourish.

The Academy aims to provide the broadest possible training, giving each student individual attention to enable them to graduate with professional confidence and most important to have fun while achieving their full potential.

The main emphasis of the course concentrates on practical training in a range of drama, dance, singing and music and theatre studies subjects and takes place in a specially designed and built spacious studio complex which opened in 2004.


‘CADA Performing Arts has total professionalism and guaranteed results’

Peadar Cox  (TV Actor)

For information  or phone 021 4866389




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